CUSCO 329 63X CN К-т аммортизаторов ZERO-3X для HONDA CIVIC Type-R FN2
  • CUSCO 329 63X CN К-т аммортизаторов ZERO-3X для HONDA CIVIC Type-R FN2

CUSCO 329 63X CN К-т аммортизаторов ZERO-3X для HONDA CIVIC Type-R FN2

Категория: Тюнинг подвески

Для автомобиля
Артикул: 329 63X CN
190480.00 P. в интернет-магазине  

Комплект аммортизаторов CUSCO ZERO-3X для Honda Civic Type-R FN2 Designed for competition models. This coil-over suspension kit is designed for full ride height and full suspension stroke lenght adjustable with light weight Monotube 24-step (rebound), 24-step (bump - low speed), & 24-step (bump - high speed) dampig force damper for competition by using separated large capacity tank. Comes with camber adjustable plate, pillow-ball type upper mount and rubber upper seat. FULL-LENGTH / RIDE HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE 3-WAY DAMPING FORCE ADJUSTABLE REBOUND : 24-STEPS COMPRESSION : LOW SPEED - 24-STEPS HIGH SPEED - 24-STEPS CUSCO's top model shock absorber which offers 3-way major damping force adjustable as set. Low speed compression adjustment system affects body motions such as roll and pitch. High speed compression adjustment system affects fast/sudden shock movement like when hitting curb at circuit or rough road undulation. This wide range of adjustable system is able to cover from professional competition to comfort street use. SEPARATED COMPRESSION CANISTER Separated compression canister contains Nitrogen gas and extra oil. The Nitrogen gas is kept separate from the fluid in the canister by a floating piston. Gas pressure works like spring preload which the force is needed to move the suspension initially but does not affect the spring rate. The extra volume of fluid makes the shocks valving all the more sensitive, even at low shaft speeds, and reduces heat building up. PILLOW-BALL UPPER MOUNT CUSCO Pillow Ball Upper Mount will replace the soft factory rubber upper strut mounts with solid high strength metal mounts and spherical (pillow ball) bushings. It gives quick steering response and precise driving & braking control. Especially stable steering response in assess and lane changing improved stability over bumps and holds roll in corners. Enables linear handling and keeps you on the trace line better. Camber adjustable upper plate is set for MacPherson strut suspension only. MONO-TUBE SHOCK ABSORBERS Mono-tube shock absorbers has single cylinder which divided into a fluid area and a gas chamber. Unlike the twin-tube shock, fluid and gas is completely separated by floating piston to prevent foaming oil. The diameter of outer shell directly influence to piston valve size. It has advantage to make bigger piston valve, make stronger outer shell, and make more heat radiation than twin-tube design. The high pressure gas and the floating piston makes steady damping force, it also provides additional damping force by pushed further into the gas chamber when in aggressive movement. INVERTED TYPE SHOCK ABSORBER Inverted type Mono-tube damper is possible to reduce the unsprung suspension weight and acquire higher rigidity of shock body construction. Also this system is possible to improve tire contact with the ground during high speed cornering or breaking than normal damper. Inverted type shock absorber is available for strut type suspension only. ALTERNATIVE SPRING RATE AVAILABLE All of CUSCO coil-over kits are available alternative spring rates. Any spring rates can be requested when you order with no extra charge. CUSCO's top end of spring cut flat and smoothly and this makes high adherence to upper spring seat and makes to be able to adjust precise ride height and add helper spring if you need. REBUILDABLE SHOCK All coil-over kits are rebuildable at our own factory in Japan and we can replace internal valves and change stroke by customer's requested specification while rebuilding the shock absorbers (ZERO-3 series only). ANTI-RUST COATING All the components which are used on CUSCO coil-over kits passed more than 500 hours of anti-rust salt spraying test. It ensures to prevent sticking bracket and cartridge together caused by rusting during adjustment work in any time and keep coil-over kit clean and last longer.

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