CUSCO 317 60M CP К-т аммортизаторов ZERO-2E для HONDA CIVIC
  • CUSCO 317 60M CP К-т аммортизаторов ZERO-2E для HONDA CIVIC

CUSCO 317 60M CP К-т аммортизаторов ZERO-2E для HONDA CIVIC

Категория: Тюнинг подвески

Для автомобиля
Артикул: 317 60M CP
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Комплект амортизаторов CUSCO ZERO-2E для Honda Civic Designed for sport model. This coil-over suspension kit is designed for full ride height and full suspension stroke length adjustable with 5-step (front) & 5-step (rear) adjustable damping force setting for sport driving. Compatible with E-Con unit. Contents of Zero 2E Camber adjustable pillow ball upper mount to be assembled on McPherson strut type vehicle. / HD rubber upper mounts for non-McPherson strut type vehicle. / 5-step damping force adjustable, High performance shock absorber / Low noise rubber seat / Lock nut and Lower seat / Outer case, thread section / Exclusively designed bump rubber / Coil spring / Full adjustable lock nut / Rubber seat / Dust boots / Special coated, shock absorber casing / Bracket, specifically designed to fit each model FULL-LENGTH / RIDE HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE 5-STEP DAMPING FORCE ADJUSTABLE Basic 5-step damping force adjustable model. Our precisely engineered Rotary-Valve offers wider adjustable range of selection than ordinal needle valve type shock absorbers. It gives you different options from smooth ride to high performance driving by clicking dial to change damping force. TWIN-TUBE SHOCK ABSORBERS Twin-tube shock absorbers have two separated fluid areas; inner cylinder controls piston and shaft moving up and down. Outer cylinder works as hydraulic fluid reservoir only. Combination of Low pressure Nitrogen gas and base valves provide fluid flow control between both cylinders while main piston valve control most of damping. Twin-tube shock has longer stroke and life than Mono-tube type. Two valves damping control works great for passenger comfort. Front PILLOW-BALL UPPER MOUNT CUSCO Pillow Ball Upper Mount will replace the soft factory rubber upper strut mounts with solid high strength metal mounts and spherical (pillow ball) bushings. It gives quick steering response and precise driving & braking control. Especially stable steering response in assess and lane changing improved stability over bumps and holds roll in corners. Enables linear handling and keeps you on the trace line better. Camber adjustable upper plate is set for MacPherson strut suspension only. Rear HD RUBBER UPPER MOUNT CUSCO Heavy-Duty Rubber Upper Mount can be used in Double Wishbone type suspension which upper mount material won?ft affect alignment change. To reduce road noise and unnecessary stress to the body & chassis, CUSCO HD rubber upper mount gives you better advantage than pillow-ball upper mount. As for needs of comfortable ride feel and affordable price range, HD rubber upper mount is one of the choice to give you wide variety of tuneability with our coil-over suspension kit.. COMPATIBLE WITH E-CON It is compatible with CUSCO E-CON unit which is possible to remote control the damping force while driving. This kit especially is designed for our Zero-2E coil-over suspension kit. The kit includes Operation front panel, Control unit, Stepping motor and necessary wirings & brackets. E-CON can be installed solely with Zero-2E kit even it is installed on the vehicle already. REBUILDABLE SHOCK All coil-over kits are rebuildable at our own factory in Japan and we can replace internal valves and change stroke by customer's requested specification while rebuilding the shock absorbers (ZERO-3 series only).

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